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Medical Week News is the leading independent provider of news and information about weight-loss drugs, diabetes drugs, and the complex new drugs called biologics.

Some of our newsletters -- like the Acomplia Report and the Alli Report -- focus on specific weight-loss drugs. Our most comprehensive publications, the Diet Drug Report and the Diabetes Drug Report, provide the latest news about all prescription weight-loss and diabetes drugs, as well as natural and herbal supplements used to promote weight-loss. We also publish Senior Health Report , the leading independent newsletter on the diseases and medical conditions of the most interest to seniors.

Our newest newsletter, Biologic Drug Report, provides the latest news about biologics, the "large molecule" drugs which are becoming an increasingly important part of our pharmaceutical mix.

The stories provided here are selected from our newsletters for their importance and relevance.

  Medical Week News for March 2007 - Medical Headlines
  Diabetes Drug Saxagliptin Seen on Track for FDA Action in 2008
  Medical Week News for February 2007 - Medical Headlines
  Acomplia Seen Unlikely to Get FDA Approval for Metabolic Syndrome
Diet Drug Acomplia (Rimonabant) Further Delayed by U.S. FDA
Diet Pill alli (Low-Dose Xenical) Approved by FDA for Over-the-Counter Sale
  Medical Week News for January 2007 - Medical Headlines
  More Studies Needed on Diet Pills Looking at Benefits versus Risks
Analysis Finds 'Biogenerics' Could Save Medicare $14 Million in a Decade
Diabetes Drug Byetta Approved for Diabetic Use With Actos or Avandia
  Medical Week News for December 2006 - Medical Headlines
  FDA Puts Diet Pill Rimonabant (Acomplia/Zimulti) on Slow Track for Review
Biologic Ipilimubab Gets Fast Track Consideration for Metastatic Melanoma
Diabetes Drug Avandia Seen Better for New Diabetics Than Older Drugs
  Medical Week News for November 2006 - Medical Headlines
  Promising Early Results in Trial of Biologic for Diabetic Kidney Disease
Lilly Says Retinopathy Drug Arxxant Cut Risk of Vision Loss by 40 Percent
Diabetes Drug Actos Seen Helpful in Slowing Thickening of Artery Walls
  Medical Week News for October 2006 - Medical Headlines
  Duloxetine Seen Effective Treatment for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Biologic for Diabetic Neuropathy Picks Up Foundation Research Support
Merck Abandons a Diet Pill, But Trials of Drug Similar to Acomplia Continue
  Medical Week News for September 2006 - Medical Headlines
  Avandia Results Encouraging, Altace Disappoints, in Large Diabetes Study
Modern Blood Pressure Drugs Seen Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Study: Diet Pill Xenical (Orlistat) Aids Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetics
  Medical Week News for August 2006 - Medical Headlines
  Researchers: NovoNorm May Be Safer than Glyburide for Elderly Diabetics
Acomplia Safety for Individuals With Even Mild Depression Questioned
Alizyme in Agreement With FDA on Phase III Trial of Diet Pill Cetilistat
  Medical Week News for July 2006 - Medical Headlines
  Adding Precose to Exercise Improves Diabetic Blood Glucose Control
Diet Pill Meridia Helps Very Young Teens Lose Weight in Trial
Type 2 Diabetes Drugs May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

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